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Sunday, August 21, 2011

Lord of Ultima Diamond v.1.0


Lord of Ultima is a browser-based online game published by Electronic Arts. The medieval-themed game was developed by EA Phenomic (BattleForge, SpellForce) and has a strong resemblance to the Settlers series. Lord of Ultima is based on the MMO RPG Ultima Online and leads you on a journey into a new part of the Ultima universe.
This exciting new land is called Caledonia.

Basically, it is your task to create a mighty empire. You start out with a small settlement and expand further and further. Your first city is free, but for each additional city you need a baron and a certain amount of resources. Of course, it is also possible to conquer other players' cities and claim them as your own. In order to do that you need a castle, which can also put you at risk of being attacked by other players.

However, other players are not the only thing to fear in the web game Lord of Ultima. There are also many different kinds of terrifying monsters crossing your path. These creatures are categorised into either dungeon monsters, such as Orcs, Skeletons and Centaurs, and boss monsters like the Hydra or the Moloch. You need a brave fighting battalion to overcome all the beasts in Lord of Ultima.

Like in most strategic browser games, you have the opportunity to join an alliance. It is certainly an advantage to have friends in the game who can help you out when you're under attack. Also, together you create a much more powerful force with which to fight enemies than facing them alone. 


We apologize, that we do not present video to You but pictures, but last storm all our equipment has destroyed. Now I write this post from internet cafe. Now I am going to get You trough adding process.

OK, so what we get when we open app:

After big shock, caused by awesome design, we switch to second bookmark:

First of all, fill empty box, next to "nick", choose Your server.
And then choose one of available options, next finally click "Add", wait until progress bar will be full and You see "Done!" instead percents.

Now visit Your Lord of Ultima account and enjoy diamonds!

After all, if You have any problems, leave comment or send e-mail to us:

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